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It was March 15, 1983 when newly engaged couple Dan Passaretti and Tai Hannon opened up Jodan's Restaurant. Throughout the past 25 years, they have worked side-by-side to raise a family while building and maintaing a thriving business. Now known as Passaretti's Italian Restuarant, the business is a local favorite and a hidden jewel to those who visit our South Shore hometown.


With the dream of having their own business and fresh ideas for their new restaurant, Dan and Tai rented a humble building on Emerald Bay Road in the winter of 1983. Though the building was completely covered in six feet of snow, the pair was undaunted in going forward with their vision. Twelve hours later, the lot was completely cleared of snow. Three weeks after that, Jodan's was open for business. With used restaurant equiptment, handwritten menus and only a couple employees working side by side, Jodan's was the beginning of what would prove to be a long, passionate Passaretti's history.

Jodan's 1983 and outside dining 1989

Part of surviving the tough economy of a tourist town such as ours is dealing with severe weather conditions that are sometimes inevitable. Three weeks after opening their brand new business, the largest landslide ever to occur in Lake Tahoe completely shutdown the only entry from the Bay Area until June 30th. Still, Jodan's survived. In 1985, a gas main below a river in nearby Carson City burst and our town was out of natural gas for a week. Forced to change equiptment to propane and electric and with a barbeque out the back door in the middle of winter, Jodan's was still open for business. Since then, there have been two more major slides, two major wildfires, seven years of drought and innumerable blizzards and severe snow storms and still Passaretti's Restaurant is a staple in our community.

Newly Re-opened, Passaretti's Restaurant, 1987

In 1986, the Passaretti's purchased the building and decided to pursue their full dreams and desires for the restaurant. On March 15, 1987 Jodan's was reopened as Passaretti's Italian Restaurant. With ten years of building moratorium in the city of Lake Tahoe during the 80's, Passaretti's continued to grow and the need for a remodel was evident. So, when the moratorium was lifted, Passaretti's was the first business in the city to go through the extremely difficult process of obtaining a building permit. Six years later, in 1992, Passaretti's became the first business to invest in our community. Passaretti's became an inspiration for other businesses to follow by remodeling their own buildings and begin to bring forth a new face to our town. Upon completion in 1993, Passaretti's remodel was awarded the Mayor's Rennaissance 90 Award in recognition of outstanding acheivement in community revitalization. Also that year, the South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce awarded Passaretti's "Best Exterior Remodel."

Exterior Remodel 1992

Passaretti's has continued to give back to the community by working with Lake Tahoe Education Foundation in the fight to help our schools through a crisis by holding fund-raising breakfast buffets every Sunday for a year.

Breakfast Fundraiser Buffet 2004-2005

Recently, in the Angora fires, Passaretti's again offered thousands of meals to those displaced and affected by the fires. Voted many times as the Best Italian Restaurant in Lake Tahoe, Passaretti's continues to provide authentic Italian food in an unpretentious setting with unusually personal service and dedication to customer satisfaction. In 1991-1992, the Chamber of Commerce awarded Dan the President's Award for excellence in business.




Passaretti's Restaurant Today

Now celebrating their 25th Anniversary in business together, Dan and Tai have not only seen their customers' kids grow up and have families of their own, but they have watched their own children grow up in the restaurant as well. Much has changed over the years and the restaurant continues to grow. With an expanded staff of 25-30 people, Dan and Tai continue to be 100% involved with every aspect of the business. All of us look forward to being part of your next visit to the Basin and if you already are a fan, then welcome back!

Dan and Tai Passaretti